Name Suncheon Wetlands SkyCube
Client Suncheon Ecotrans
Location Suncheon Bay, South Korea
Function Connects Suncheon’s ‘Dream Bridge’ with the Suncheon Bay Ecological Park
Status Live operation from September 2013
  • 4.6km of elevated, bi-directional guideway
  • 40 vehicles with seating capacity for 6 to 9 passengers per car plus accompanying luggage / baby buggies etc
  • The system is fully compliant to international Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations (RVAR) with level access and wide, bi-parting doors allowing ease of access for all passengers including the mobility impaired
  • Tickets cost 5,000 won (£2.85)
Capacity 1313 passengers per hour
Supplier Vectus Ltd.
End Users Benefits On demand service and ability to travel in small, intimate groups
Owner Benefits Elimination of all emissions (at the point of use) from transportation into the eco-park (currently served by cars and buses) which is an environmentally sensitive area
  • The system is rail based and all vehicles are captive on the running rails
  • Operational speeds in the range of 10-12m/sec.
  • The system is controlled on an asynchronous basis
  • Typical headway (time between vehicles) is 4-5 seconds
  • All vehicles are controlled via a distributed control system
  • Vehicles are powered by a current collection system installed along the guideway
  • Each vehicle has CCTV and 2 way communications
  • Heating/cooling/air conditioning (HVAC) of vehicles is automatically controlled
  • Each vehicle incorporates real-time, passenger information displays
  • The guideway is a concrete pillar and beam construction with typical spans of 30m (50m over the main river)
  • A CCTV system oversees the track for safety and security reasons
  • Comprehensive maintenance facilities are located adjacent to Station 1
Safety The Vectus system is compliant to stringent European railway standards and norms. The test facility in Uppsala, Sweden has a full safety case and has been certified by the Swedish Rail Authority for carrying passengers. The same process is currently being carried out in conjunction with the relevant Korean authorities.
Contributors The following organisations are key contributors to the project:

  • Suncheon Ecotrans
  • Posco
  • Vectus Korea
  • Vectus Sweden
  • Vectus UK
  • Daewoo Engineering
  • Daewoo Construction
  • Noventus
  • Lloyds Register
  • Transport Design International Ltd (TDI)
  • Pininfarina
Brochure Vectus Brochure