Why should anybody decide to implement an advanced transit system rather than something more traditional? Even when the advanced transit system shows more advantages, is the risk associated with ‘new’ technology worth it? No one has ever lost  face and reputation or got criticized because they only considered existing (traditional) transit systems.

It takes vision to move into a direction nobody has moved before and good (risk and technology) management to ensure that the largest chance of success is ensured. In fact most advanced transit systems use technology that has been proven in some way: the risk is not in the technology, but in the project and the way it is configured.

At the same time the advanced transit industry should be weary of overselling the current possibilities of the systems – if traditional means of transportation are more suited, such systems should be the mode of choice for that application!

A comparison between advanced transit and more traditional systems is often difficult – also because the advanced transit system differ (considerably) from each other.