Concept Description

ColiseumAdvanced Transit Systems are land-based transit systems with fully automated operations capabilities  providing an improvement (of the network) of existing public transit means. The various concepts (PRT, GRT and dual mode systems) are embraced by ATRA in its vision to ensure people’s mobility while ensuring a sustainable (green) future.

There are various identified advanced transit groups: Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), Group Rapid Transit (GRT) and dual mode systems. As some of these systems are relatively unknown to many people, including transportation planners, architects, consultants and key decision makers, ATRA’s goal is to provide information to allow for proper evaluation of these technologies alongside more traditional systems.

Personal and Group Rapid Transit, and ‘dual-mode’-systems introduce a different approach to traditional line oriented transportation design centered around major attraction hubs. The systems are focused on accommodating individuals or small groups on their independent journey’s – offering door-to-door transit through (inter)connecting public transit networks.

 Heathrow Personal rapid transit (PRT), or podcars, is a transit mode featuring small automated vehicles operating on (a network of) dedicated guide ways. A PRT system provides direct origin-to-destination connections and typically operates on demand. The size of the vehicles accommodates an individual or small group (4 adults, 2 children) traveling together by choice.
  The first system tagged as a Personal Rapid Transit system, at West Virginia University in Morgantown, is actually a Group Rapid Transit (GRT) system. GRT systems feature larger vehicles (up to 25 passengers) and can be installed both in line and network configurations – as such offering mid ground between mass and personally oriented systems.
  Dual-mode systems aim to combine the possibility of automated driving with the manual control by a driver. Where there is a requirement for the system to be in automated mode the system ensures the most efficient use of space, while in other areas personal control to ensure optimum freedom is accommodated.

When considering advanced transit systems it should be clear what capabilities have been proven today and what potential a system has towards the (long term) future. ATRA represents both: providing a platform for all who share its vision towards the future, while uniting corporate members with proven experience and applications.

As such, when you want to learn more about advanced transit, the website is right source of information to start your introduction.