There are a considerable amount of advanced transit systems being developed. The stage of development can differ significantly – the table blow is an attempt to provide a realistic indication of the stage the actively marketed systems are at.

System Manufacturer Type Application(s) and Opening Date
CyberCab Cybercab 2getthere PRT Masdar City, Abu Dhabi (November 2010)Floriade Exhibition, the Netherlands (April – October 2002)
Park Shuttle ParkShuttle 2getthere GRT Rivium II, the Netherlands (November 2005)Rivium I, the Netherlands (February 1999)Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands (October 1997 – May 2004)
Ultra Global PRT ULTra PRT ULTra PRT PRT Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom (June 2011), Amritsar, India (planned: 2014), Bristol Test-Track, United Kingdom (2001)
Vectus SkyCube Vectus PRT Suncheon, South Korea (September 2013), Uppsala Test-Track, Sweden (2007)
System Manufacturer Type Specifics
modutram prt LINT Modutram PRT First loop test-site operational
MicroRail Microrail Megarail Transportation Systems PRT / Dual Mode Prototype operational
Sky Web Express Skyweb Express Taxi 2000 PRT Prototype on short test-track
System Manufacturer Type Specifics
Eco Mobility Warsaw University of Technology PRT ¼ scale test track available
swift tram SwiftAPM 100 Swift Tram PRT/ GRT Available 2016
Beamways Beamways PRT Small scale demo model available
Skytran Skytran PRT 1:1 model available
System Manufacturer Type Specifics
Bubble Motion prt Bubble Motion BM Design PRT
Cybertran Cybertran International PRT
Flyway Swedetrack PRT / GRT
ITNS PRT International PRT
Jpods Jpods Corporation PRT
metrino prt Metrino (previously MIST-er) Metrino Global Projects Ltd PRT
Rapid Urban Flexible RUF International Dual-mode
Skycab Skycab PRT
Tri-Track Roane Inventions Dual-mode
tubenet transit Tubecar Tubenet Transit PRT