Circumnavigating our earth with a Global Backbone railway

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    david broadbent

    We have the technology, we have the people to build and use it, we have the desire to create, we have the need/ love to travel. But is a global backbone railway Viable ?

    Would this age of global terrorism, make such a rail line a prime target ?

    In the year 2000, I visited Bremen, Germany to evaluate the Siemens Transrapid Maglev train technology in relation to MY concept of creating a Global rail link to circumnavigate our earth.

    From my evaluation, I formulated the Global rail link vision, for the train to run at near supersonic speed, via a main backbone containing 10 nodal hubs.

    The “in country” Transrapid radials would run at near to or greater than 500km/hr

    So for my Main 1000km/hr Global Backbone plan, I propose the following :-

    Station 1 would be near Brussels, with radial feeders to other parts of Western Europe

    Station 2 would be near Istanbul, which provides radials to Eastern Europe

    Station 3 would be near Baghdad, that’s allows link to the African Sub Continent.

    Station 4 would be near New Delhi, which has radials for the Indian Sub Continent.

    Station 5 would be near Ha Noi, that could have a feeder down the Indonesian Archipelago, and via a submerged tethered tunnel could bring the rail to Australia. Senior Civil engineers in Australia, have suggested building an artificial island 500km due west of Darwin, to act as the Australian ‘landfall’ for the tethered tunnel; followed by a viaduct linking it to say Darwin.

    Station 6 would be near Beijing, feeding China with radials maybe as far as Japan

    Then Maglev would travel up and across the Bering Strait across the planned ‘Peace Bridge’ or via a tunnel

    Station 7 would be near Vancouver, covering Western Canada and Western America

    Station 8 would be near Chicago, as the North American Central node with a feeder possibly down central USA and into Sth America.

    Station 9 would be then Montreal for Eastern Canada/ America radials.

    From here its a very hard build. Most likely the track would travel across the Hudson strait to Baffin Island. Then to Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Scotland; down though England to Station 10 and hopefully via Channel tunnel into Europe and back to Station 1 at Brussels.

    So there you have it.

    Is it too ambitious ?

    What do you think ?

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