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    Questions relating to the guideway design of ATN (Automated Transit Networks)



    PRT suppliers tend to project minimal concepts for guideway to keep cost low. The result is often stark and unappealing, when local artists could be engaged to make them attractive and community-friendly. PRT advocates usually present the guideway de facto elevated, when it is often critical to put some sections underground and large stretches could be protected at- or near grade – less expensive than elevated. Does anyone have good images of aesthetic designs?



    There probably aren’t many renderings available of at grade or underground designs. Most likely the main reason behind this is that guideways at grade are less visually intrusive and hence perceived to be less of an issue. As a company we’ll add this to the list of renderings that we will still produce – once available, we’ll be sure to forward them to you.



    I think some were generated for the Heathrow project. I will see if I can find them and post them



    Arup have done some work in this area. I’ll also see if I can find them and post them.



    It seems to me that most ‘dreamers'(including me) who have ‘designed’ a solution have the ‘cart in front of the horse’. Before we can propose a solution we must define clearly the problem or problems we are trying to solve. Do we want to reduce the number of cars in cities or do we just want to get them there faster? Do we want to make everybody buy a ‘special’ car to drive on pour solution? There should be some form of ‘standards’ that all designers can design around. I feel that what is needed is two solutions, one to reduce the number of cars in cities (PRT) and another to move cars between cities faster and safer (DM or SM). I would propose that all interested parties gather in one location to begin the process of clearly defining the problem or problems. When this is done they would move into defining in a general way solutions to the defined problem. more details

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