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    ATRA Academic Council

    August 30th, 2014

    academicSeveral years ago ATRA formed a Academic Research Committee. For 2014, this effort is moving forward as an Academic Council (AC). Its vision, mission and membership fees and benefits are listed below. Sensing much new interest in advanced transit, AC is inviting other institutions to join as we seek new paths forward for automated mobility in our society.

    So far the Academic Council has instituted

    • A $500.00 annual student paper award
    • $2,000.00 grant to San Jose state with their work on solar powered automated transit networks
    • Yearly participation in the TRB/AUVSI Automated Vehicles symposium, organizing the transit and shared mobility breakout session, and this past summer additional transit themes in other breakout sessions
    • An all day workshop sponsored by : UCDavis, National Center for Sustainable Transportation, Southern California Association of Governments, ARUP, Kimley Horn, Fehr & Peers, and NCIT, National Center for Intermodal Transportation. The workshop committee focused the event on assisting Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO’s) in their efforts to address these new automated technologies
    • An NSF Sustainability Research Networks competition grant application with San Jose state taking the lead
    • Presentations at the PodCar city conference