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    Passenger Transport has been changed by ATN Systems

    June 8th, 2015

    Robbert_2getthereSince 1999 Robbert Lohmann, together with 2Getthere, has completely changed the market for automatic passenger transport. In the past, large vehicles followed a fixed, linear route at a low frequency. The technology of 2Getthere made it possible to create a fine meshed network using reference points in the road surface and with smaller vehicles at a higher frequency. The company created the first PRT (personal rapid transport) system in the world in Abu Dhabi.

    According to Lohmann he has the best job there is: “You do need patience, but these are amazing projects that tackle transport problems and work on solutions for the coming future. Besides, the international contacts you make are very valuable.”
The company is indeed very internationally orientated. A few of the projects from 2getthere are located, for example, in Taiwan, Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, the US, Belgium and England. It usually involves prestigious projects. 
At this time The Netherlands are still more conservative, while abroad one dares to dream bigger. And all of this is happening at the head office in Utrecht.

    Little knowledge in The Netherlands
    In The Netherlands, little is known about the solution offered by Lohmann and his company. 
”We’re like the least known company in the most famous industry. During the last two years more attention came to the work of 2getthere since autonomous cars entered the spotlight. Those cars are still at the beginning of their development, while our systems are already in use for several years.”

    “We need research into battery management systems.”

    A new generation vehicle
    Recently a lot of attention has been paid to research. Some major projects are running right now as we speak. In future the economic impact will increase and there will be even more contracts with secondary parties. At this time a new generation vehicle for Group Transport is being developed. “We can’t do this all by ourselves. There must be research on eg battery management systems. A new design must be developed in close collaboration with our suppliers. We always take long-term partnerships in concern, because you build the expertise together and then you can switch faster and are better attuned. ”

    New employees are welcome
    To meet the demand at present times, it is estimated that the company will grow from 25 to 35 or maybe even 40 employees in the Netherlands. The challenge is to find not only good people, but also the right people. “We are ‘picky’, we all put heart and soul in our work and that’s what we expect from everyone in the company. The involvement of employees is essential. A small example: sometimes the greatest activity on the servers is at 2am”. ‘Lohmann: ”Right now, the work is in developing the new vehicle and there are three projects to be completed in 2017: a whole challenge!”