The Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) is an international association of organisations within the industry and individuals: active and retired transportation professionals, engineers, architects, urban planners, students, educators, and enthusiasts.  It is a diverse group of people brought together by the common realization that the transportation systems of the past cannot meet the transportation needs of the future, or even the present. Membership categories include :Individual; Senior; Student; Lifetime; Organizational. The Organizational category has three sub-categories : Industry Group; Academic Council; Corporate/Governmental . Organizational Membership includes individual membership for up to five employees/faculty/staff and an unlimited number of institutional students.

A non-profit corporation, ATRA’s purpose is not to promote the interests of its members, but rather to encourage the development and deployment of advanced transportation systems that will be a boon to everyone.  Membership is open to anyone who is willing to take a fresh look at new ways to meet our transportation needs.  We do not endorse any particular company or system, but we serve as an objective information resource to help decision makers navigate the often complex issues surrounding transportation choices.

Membership benefits

  • Contacts with a wide variety of transportation professionals specifically interested in automated transit
  • Discounts on registration fees for ATRA sponsored APM and PRT conferences
  • Discount on registration fees for PodcarCity Conferences
  • Access to ATRA information papers, documents, studies, blog, and website
  • Subscription to the ATRA Pulse monthly e-Newsletter
  • Knowledge that you are building a global alliance of supporters of innovative transportation technologies

ATRA 2024 Membership (Choose one)

*Includes Industry Group, Academic Council, Corporate/Governmental


If you would like, please mail a check payable to “Advanced Transit Association” to the following address:

Advanced Transit Association
c/o Christopher Juniper, Treasurer
6813 E Eastman, Denver, CO 80224 USA