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    City of Rzeszów PRT Project

    October 4th, 2013

    The City of Rzeszow in South East Poland has announced that it is to seek funding from the EU for an advanced transportation project including both a monorail and PRT system. The city has a population of and is the 163,000 and is close to the borders of Ukraine and Slovakia making it an important communications centre. Rzeszow’ Mayor is promoting the city as an area of innovation and has already had some success in attracting aerospace businesses to the region (Podkarpackie), one on the most disadvantaged in the EU.

    The monorail system is intended to circle the city using a 12Km twin track bidirectional loop. The monorail stations are to be served by PRT installations the first of which is to be installed as a pilot scheme on the Rzesow University of Technology campus. The campus system will serve to demonstrate and prove the technology unveiled recently at the ECO- mobility Conference recently held in the city.