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    The First Annual Martin Lowson Paper Award

    August 9th, 2014

    martin lowsonIn honor of the inventor of the first commercial PRT system

    $500.00 paper award
    ATRA fosters the development of automation and networking to advance the quality and sustainability of transportation, particularly for our urban areas. ATRA academic committee has instituted an annual paper award to recognize contributions in that area. The objective is to recognize high quality, original work that advances the thought and practice of fully automated, networked systems. The inaugural competition will be 2015. ATRA will accept papers that have been authored and/or published between January 1, 2013 up until the end of March 31st 2015. The papers may have been submitted to journals and/or conferences (in fact ATRA encourages this), or may be unique to the ATRA competition. The emphasis in 2015 is on Automated Transit Networks toward sustainable urban mobility.

    The First Annual ATRA Paper Award 2015

    Contact information:

    Rules of the competition:
    Submit paper to
    Follow TRB paper guidelines for a blind peer review process