Videos relating to advanced transit networks, personal rapid transit, automated transit systems, intelligent transport systems, podcars & innovative transit from ATRA and ATRA members.

Transportation Research Board Podcast, May 2016


Presenters – Automated Transit:  Future Impacts on the Built Environment


  • Matthew Lesh – Moderator’s Introduction;



  • Douglas Gettman – State of the Practice in AV/CV;


  • Sam Lott, P.E. – Transit Systems and Facilities;

Texas Southern University, Center for Transportation Training and


  • Peter Muller – ATN Systems in Operation;

PRT Consulting,


  • Shannon McDonald – Built Environment Workshops 2014/2015;

Southern Illinois



The following Videos were taken at the PodcarCity9 Conference in San Jose, CA in November 2015 and posted on uTube by Olja for Blabar.



EcoPRT-Doing More with Less: Light weight, Low cost Automated Transit, ecoPRT.

Marshall Brain & Seth Hollar


Current Status of SkyTran Maglev PRT

Robert Baertsch


Autotrén- a GRT system for cities in Emerging Economies

Alexander Kyllmann


Podcars: A visit to the Spartan Superway Design Center

Olja for Blabar


History of SkyTran and latest breakthroughs in 13 minutes!

Doug Malewicki


Morgantown-Modernizing the first WWU Personal Rapid Transit System

Shannon Sanders McDonald, AIA


Automated Transit Networks: Why they are Historically Inevitable

Neil Sinclair


California High Speed Rail: Connecting California

Ben Tripousis


San José Automated Guideway Transit Study

Gary Hsueh, Arup


Future Transit Scenarios

Matthew Lesh


Designing Guideway Geometry

Will Ackel


Development of Tube Transit System in China

Nanzheng Yang


SunCheun PRT –Skycube

Ingmar Andreasson


Airport Shuttle Comparison: Podcars vs Shuttle Buses

Peter Muller


Off the Beaten Path: Sustainable Transportation Solutions

Larsen & Schwager


PRT/Automated Transportation- Metropolitan Planning Perspectives

Fernando De Aragon


GreenVillages Development with Multi-Modal Transport Hubs

Fred Payne


Ultra Global Status Update

David Holdcroft


2getthere rojects update

Robbert Lohmann


Overcoming roadblocks preventing wide-spread PRT adoption

Mike Stanley





Where are automated transit networks now? webinar presented by ATRA

What to plan for when planning for Automated Transit Networks webinar presented by ATRA


Public Transit Complemented webinar presented by ATRA


Introduction to Ultra 2012 from Ultra Global PRT

BAA PRT Feb 2012 from Ultra Global PRT


Masdar City PRT system from 2getthere


CyberCab PRT vehicles at the Floriade 2002 exhibition from 2getthere


Business Park Rivium GRT from 2getthere