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    Four Wins at GSP !

    July 21st, 2016


    Four Wins at GSP

    What great new opportunities at GSP! First, new maintenance and carrier contracts sound exciting. And GSP is ideally suited to handle the special flights and jobs that these companies will create.

    Secondly, there seem to be four solid business/ economic factors that support new remote parking with connectivity to the renovated terminal supported by an automated transport network system. There are wins for customers, for the airport, for tourists, and for economic development:

    1. The positive business case is clear! GSP airport wins by saving capital costs. 1,500 new parking spaces are needed. Future parking costs to provide spaces are clear:   a) A 3rd parking deck will cost $30 million to build and citizens will pay a $14 daily rate, Or   b) an additional economy lot will cost $7.5 million to build and users pay a $5/day rate.

    GSP airport can provide on-demand transport/ mobility on the proposed automated transport network (ATN) from the newly renovated terminal to both current and future remote parking lots for $15 to $20 million. The new remote parking and new automated system total $27.5 million or less. GSP solves two needs with a remote lot and an automated system! and saves at least $2.5 million.

    1. Customers win! Satisfaction of airport users will improve because the automated system is elevated across roadways and doesn’t cause congestion. ATN is personal, on-demand, origin to destination w/ no stops, more convenient and more comfortable than walking from remote. There are zero accidents and zero emissions.
    1. Tourists/visitors win! Traffic will increase as Greenville opens the first airport in America to have an automated system like this – WOW! Visitors will come from all across America and from around the world to see and ride (and duplicate) the ATN system.
    1. People win! Jobs and incomes increase! Economic Development will be attracted to a new ATN transport sector! The Upstate can be the epicenter for designing & engineering ATN systems, building vehicles & infrastructure, and operating & maintaining the systems.

    Four wins makes it an easy decision for me!G fred payne

    I hope the GSP Airport Commission makes the right decision to move ahead.

    Fred Payne

    Greenville County Council