Please find below for your reference papers on Advanced Transit Systems published or submitted for various conferences over the years. This archive lists those papers published previously.

– The papers should always be read in light of the time when they were set up. Certain insights represented in papers can/will have actually have changed over time.
– The papers solely represent the view of the authors at the time the paper was published. They do not necessarily represent the current standing or opinion of the Advanced Transit Association or a particular individual or corporate member.


Year Organization/Conference Paper Title Author
2022 PRT Consulting, Inc. AUTOMATED TRANSIT NETWORK compared to LIGHT RAIL and BUS RAPID TRANSIT Peter J. Muller, P.E., M. ASCE
2021 The Guideway and Posts of the Intelligent Transportation Network System Guideway and Posts J. E. Anderson
2021 Lateral Dynamics of the ITNS Vehicle Lateral Dynamics of the ITNS Vehicle J. E. Anderson
2020 Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering Concept of Advanced Personal Rapid Transit at Airports Kenku Mobolaji, Dávid Földes & Csaba Csiszá
2020 Intelligent Transportation Network System ITNS Control Intelligent Transportation Network System J.E Anderson
2019 Intelligent Transportation Network System ITNS Control Economics of the Intelligent Transportation Network System ITNS J.E Anderson
2019 ASCE International Conference on Transportation and Development Some 21st Century Transportation Solutions Peter J. Muller
2019 Transit Control Solutions, Inc. IS THERE A CASE FOR HIGH SPEED, HIGH CAPACITY ATN/PRT SYSTEMS? Eugene Nishinaga
2018 ASCE Automated People Movers Conference 2018 A Light Rail, Group Rapid Transit, Personal Rapid Transit Comparison Peter J. Muller and Ingmar J. Andreasson
2018 Technische Universität Berlin, Instut für Land-und Seeverkehr, Verkehrswesenseminar/Podcar City 2018 The feasibility and benefits of introducing an autonomous minibus on-demand system in rural public transport: A simulation-based analysis Thilo Jessaї Arakelian-von Freeden
2018 TR News is copyright, National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; posted with permission of the Transportation Research Board Automated Transit Applications, Real-World Examples Rongfang Liu
2018 A 2getthere white paper Regulations required: safety drives autonomous vehicles market Robbert Lohmann (Chief Operations Officer) and
Sjoerd van der Zwaan (Chief Technology Officer)
2018 Minnesota Chapter of ASME How to Reduce Congestion J. Edward Anderson
2017 Texas A&M University DUAL MODE VEHICLE AND INFRASTRUCTURE ALTERNATIVES ANALYSIS Christine Ehlig-Economides and Jim Longbottom
2017 San José State University Spartan Superway Development a white paper 2017-­03-­14 Furman,Swenson and Hagstrom
2017 2getthere Automation and Smart Cities: Opportunity or threat? Robbert Lohmann, Sjoerd van der Zwaan
2017 PRT Consulting   A New Transportation Paradigm P.Muller
2016 2016 Podcar City 10   All Podcar City 10 papers All
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   ATRA Interactive Session Results D Holdcroft, G Hsueh
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Airport Shuttle Comparison – Podcars vs. Shuttle Buses P Muller
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Driverless Car/Driverless Transit Future – are we at the Rubicon? P Muller
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Modutran A Kyllmann
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Podcar City Conference Ben Tripousis
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Beamways AATN Bengt Gustafsson
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Dynamic Ridesharing Services Caroline Rodier
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Cracking the Gordian Knot Catherine Burke
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Heathrow Pod Update David Holdcroft
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   SkyTran History Douglas J. Malewicki
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Lessons from France and Germany E Eidlin
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   PRT/Automated Transportation Fernando de Aragón
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Creating GreenVillages Development Fred Payne
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Tyresö – a part of Stockholm F.Sawestahl
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   SunCheon PRT : SkyCube I.Andreasson
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   San José Gary Hsueh
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   The Next Big Thing Jim Beregi
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Sweden, Stockholm and Sigtuna L.Sundblad
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Podcar Presentation Lee Larson
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Podcars for Internal Accessibility Magnus Hunhammar
2015 2015 Podcar City 9   Swedish City Perspectives Magnus Hunhammar
2015 Winner, 2015 Martin Lowson Award PRT Application in Retrofitting Edge Cities Monica Zarafu, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
2014 Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University) Varanasi FEASIBILITY STUDY OF PERSONAL RAPID TRANSIT SYSTEM(PRTS) IN VARANASI CITY Jayvant Choudhary, Anurag Ohri
2014  16 Rules of Engineering Design J. Edward Anderson, PhD, P.E.
2014  $4B for 4 BART stations OR $2B for 100 ATN stations? Rob Means
2014  An Intelligent Transportation Network System: Rationale, Attributes, Status, Economics, Benefits, and Courses of Study for Engineers and Planners J. Edward Anderson, PhD, P.E.
2014 Podcar City 8 Three years on how does PRT continue to benefit Heathrow Airport and its customers? Richard Isles (Ultra Global PRT)
2014 Podcar City 8  From Personal to Mass Transit Prof. Ingmar Andreasson
2014 Podcar City 8 What evidence have existing systems generated to support the case for urban podcars in the future? Richard Isles(Ultra Global PRT)
2014 Podcar City 8 Principal Considerations in Implementing ATN Applications Austin Smith (Associate Director, Arup)
2014 Podcar City 8 ATN Applications Mineta Transportation Institute, Peter Muller (PRT Consulting, Inc.)
2014 Podcar City 8 Podcar Applications for Airports Peter Muller (PRT Consulting, Inc.)
2014 Implementing Automated Transit Network Solutions, Principal Considerations ATRA
2014 Institution of Civil Engineers Heathrow airport’s personal rapid transit system proves to be a viable transport solution Tony Kerr; Martin Lowson; Austin Smith
2013 APO20 Midyear Conference Strategy Day on Emerging Trends in Public Transport and Vehicle Automation Stan Young
2013 APO20 Midyear Conference Connecting Innovation to Policy Stuart Cohen
2013 APO20 Midyear Conference Trends and Trajectory of Shared Mobility Susan Shaheen
2013 APO20 Midyear Conference Integrated Mobility Shannon Sanders McDonald
2013 APO20 Midyear Conference Bridging Uncertainty to Opportunity Guy Fraker
2013 APO20 Midyear Conference California’s GHG Legislation: Regional Planning and New Transport Services Caroline Rodier
2013 APO20 Midyear Conference Regional Considerations of Public Transportation and Vehicle Automation Derek Toups
2013 APO20 Midyear Conference Smart Driving Cars: Transit Opportunity of NHTSA Level 4 Driverless Vehicles Alain L. Kornhauser
2013 APO20 Midyear Conference Technology Innovations at New York City Transit Andrew Bata
2013 University Of Maryland College Park Department Of Civil And Environmental Engineering A Trip Time Comparison Of Automated Guideway Transit Systems Reuben Morris Juster
2013 PRT Stations Tony Kerr
2012 University Of Maryland College Park Department Of Civil And Environmental Engineering Internal Circulation Study – Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport Reuben Juster & Paul Schonfeld
2012 Personal Rapid Transit Live Applications Challenges Jörgen Gustafsson, Robbert Lohmann and Martin Lowson
2012 TRB Annual Meeting Personal Rapid Transit as Feeder/Distributor to Rail I. Andreasson
2011 ASCE APM Conference PRT Vehicle Architecture and Control in Masdar City M. de Graaf, R. Lohmann
2011 Maximization of PRT Station Capacity M Lowson, J Hammersley
2011 Transportation Research Board Sampling for Personal Rapid Transit Empty Vehicle Redistribution (registration required) J Lees-Miller
2011 University of Bristol Proactive Empty Vehicle Redistribution for Personal Rapid Transit and Taxis J Lees-Miller, RE Wilson
2010 Transportation Research Record 2146 Theoretical Maximum Capacity as Benchmark for Empty Vehicle Redistribution in Personal Rapid Transit (registration required) J Lees-Miller, J Hammersley, RE Wilson
2010 DICAM -Transportation Engineering Group Towards a PRT Capacity Manual Joerg Schweizer, Luca Mantecchini, Emiliano Traversi, Alberto Caprara
2010  Rethinking Transportation: The Dream of Fast, Safe and Clean Transportation Is Now Within Reach Will Ackel
2009 PodCar Conference, Malmö, Sweden Overcoming Headway Limitations in Personal Rapid Transit Systems J. Edward Anderson
2009 The Impact of PRT on Army Base Sustainability P.J. Muller
2009 Energy, Environmental and Economic Benefits Of Electric Rail and Dual Mode Transportation Jay Andress
2009 ASCE APM Conference Introducing PRT to the Sustainable City of the future

R. Lohmann, L. Guala
2009 ASCE APM Conference Extending PRT capabilities I. Andreasson
2009 PRT for Södertälje LogistikCentrum and WSP, I. Andreasson
2008 How does Dual Mode Compare with Personal Rapid Transit?” J. Edward Anderson
2008 Automated Electric Transportation: Transforming America’s Transportation Future U.S. Department of Transportation
2007 ASCE APM Conference PRT in Sweden; From Feasibility studies to public awarness G. Tegner, M. Hunhammer, I. Andreasson, J-E. Nowacki, K. Dahlstrom
2007 ITSC Personal Rapid Transit Innovation Lasting R. Lohmann
2006 Transportation Research Record #2006 Major Activity Center PRT Circulator Design: Hacienda Business Park S Raney, J Paxson, D Maymudes
2006 PRT Safety and Security on a University Campus P.J. Muller
2006 PRT Applications at Airports P.J. Muller
2005 European Conference, Bologna, Italy The Future of High-Capacity Personal Rapid Transit J. Edward Anderson
2005 EVS 21 The Blueprint for Chain Mobility R. Lohmann, C.H. Roolvink
2005 Transportation Research Record #1930 PRT for Airport Applications M Lowson
2005 Transportation Research Record #1927 Application of New Technology Product Research to New Suburban Commute System Design and Validation S Raney
2005 Transportation Research Board PRT for airport applications M. Lowson
2005 PRT APM Comparison Paper P.J. Muller
2005 Transportation Research Board PRT Airport Panacea P.J. Muller
2005 ASCE APM Conference ParkShuttle II Review of the Antibes Experiment A. Allesandrini, F. Filippi, G. Gallais, M. Parent, D. Stam
2005 ASCE APM Conference Infrastructure Cost Comparisons A.D. Kerr, P.A. James, A. Craig
2005 ASCE APM Conference Ride-sharing on PRT I. Andreasson
2004 Transportation Research Board Passenger response to a PRT system C. Cook, D. Fereday, M. Lowson, R. Teychenne
2004 Transportation Research Board 2004Transportation Research Record #1872 Suburban Silver Bullet: PRT Shuttle and Wireless Commute Assistant with Cellular Location Tracking S Raney
2004 (Dutch only) Colloquium Vervoersplanologisch Speurwerk Hoeveel Transpiratie kost het om een people mover systeem te realiseren J.A. Janse, P.G. van der Wilk, R. Lohmann
2004 13th World Clean Air and Environmental Protection Congress A New Approach to Sustainable Transport Systems M. Lowson
2003 Personal Automated Transportation: Status and Potential of Personal Rapid Transit Technology Evaluation Advanced Transit Association
2003 Journal of Advanced Transportation Service Effectiveness of PRT vs Collective Corridor Transport M. Lowson
2003 TRB Annual Meeting Reallocation of Empty PRT Vehicles en Route I. Andreasson
2002 Ingenia Engineering the ULTra System M. Lowson
2002 Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, March 2002 Issue I Sustainable personal transport M. Lowson
2001 8th International Conference on Automated People Movers Applying lessons from lean production theory to transit planning R.A. Dunning, T.M Richert
2000 Journal of Advanced Transportation A Review of the State of the Art of Personal Rapid Transit J. Edward Anderson
1999 Economic Impacts of APM Development in Commercial Centers Thomas M. Richert
1998 Computers in Railways VI, WIT Press, Boston Simulation of the Operation of Personal Rapid Transit Systems J. Edward Anderson
1998 Journal of Advanced Transportation Control of Personal Rapid Transit Systems J. Edward Anderson
1998 ATRA Information Paper Personal Rapid Transit: Matching Capacity to Demand J. Edward Anderson
1998 Proc. Instn Civ. Engrs Transp.,1998, 129, Feb., 14 ± 19 Surface transport history in the UK M. Lowson
1997 Journal of Advanced Transportation Longitudinal Control of a Vehicle J. Edward Anderson
1997 Infrastructure, The Design of Guideways for PRT Systems J. Edward Anderson
1996 Journal of Advanced Transportation Synchronous or Clear-Path Control in Personal Rapid Transit J. Edward Anderson
1996 Journal of Advanced Transportation The Historic Emergence and State of the Art of PRT Systems J. Edward Anderson
1994 Journal of Advanced Transportation Safe Design of Personal Rapid Transit Systems J. Edward Anderson
1992 Journal of Advanced Transportation Dependability as a Measure of On-Time Performance of Personal Rapid Transit Systems J. Edward Anderson
1989 Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) – Another Option For Urban Transit? Report by the Technical Committee on Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)
1988 Journal of Advanced Transportation What Determines Transit Energy Use J. Edward Anderson
1984 Journal of Advanced Transportation Optimization of Transit-System Characteristics J. Edward Anderson
1982 Journal of Advanced Transportation Calculation of Performance and Fleet Size in Transit Systems J. Edward Anderson
1977 High Speed Ground Transportation Life-Cycle Costs and Reliability Allocation in Automated Transit J. Edward Anderson
1975 International Conference on Personal Rapid Transit Analysis and simulation of automated vehicle stations R.E. Johnson, H.T. Walter, W.A. Wild
Designing a High Performance PRT Network for an Edge City J. Schneider
The Case for PRT  J. Schweizer
Three financial & Socio economic assessments P. H. Bly, R. Teychenne
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Reinventing Airports Using Personalized Rapid Transport Pods P.J. Muller
Open-Guideway Personal Rapid Transit Station Options, P.J. Muller P.J. Muller
1968 U.S. Department Of Housing And Urban Development Tomorrow’s Transportation – New Systems For The Urban Future Charles M. Haar, Leon Monroe Cole, Harold W. Merritt