Books relating to advanced transit, personal rapid transit, automated transit networks, intelligent transport systems, pod cars & innovative transit.

Year Title Author Availability
2016 Contributions
to the Development of Personal Rapid Transit
J.Edward Anderson download
2010 Smart Urban Mobility Trans.21 download
2003 Up Down Across National Building Museum ISBN 1 85894 213 6
2003 21st Century PRT Raymond MacDonald contact
2003 Faster Than Jets Brad Swartzwelter ISBN 978-0972595537
2003 Megaprojects and Risk: An Anatomy of Ambition Bent Flyvbjerg Amazon
2002 Carfree Cities J.H. Crawford ISBN 90 5727 042 0
2001 Future Transport in Cities Brian Richards ISBN 0 415 26141 4
1999 Space Organization Keller Easterling ISBN 0 262 05061 7
1999 Space Elevators – An Advanced Earth-Space Infrastructure for the New Millennium D.V. Smitherman download
1992 Aramis, ou, L’amour des techniques Bruno Latour ISBN 978-2707121202
1997 THE URBAN OASIS: Guideways and Greenways in the Human Environment Roxanne Warren ISBN 978-0070683310
1979 Innovation and Public Policy: The Case of Personal Rapid Transit Catherine G. Burke ISBN 978-0669031676
1978 Fundamentals of Personal Rapid Transit Jack H. Irving, Aerospace Corporation download
1978 Transit Systems Theory J. Edward Anderson TST Chapters 1-2
TST Chapter 3
TST Chapter 4
TST Chapter 5
TST Chapter 6
TST Chapter 7
TST Chapter 8
TST Chapter 9
TST Chapter 10
TST Chapter 11

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