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    What to plan for when planning for Automated Transit Networks

    March 24th, 2015

    Date: April 22nd at 15.00pm UTC/GMT

    The webinar is to discuss the key aspects of assessing whether advanced transit systems such as personal rapid transit (PRT) and group rapid transit (GRT) are a fit with the application’s requirements and characteristics. Featured expert speakers represent ARUP, Lea+Elliott and PRT Consulting.

    arup-prt-riverThe webinar will last approximately 40 minutes after which there will be opportunity to ask questions to the speakers and members of the ATRA Industry Group.

    During the session we will be covering topics such as:

    • Where to start with the assessment? What information is required to start evaluating the potential project?
    • What capacity can ATN realistically provide? Can they handle surge loads?
    • What is required in terms of right-of-way? How can they be integrated into an existing urban environment?

    You can register for the webinar via the link below. As the room accommodates 100 attendees only, please be sure to join on time! You can participate under your name or an alias if you desire to remain anonymous.

    This webinar is the first in a series of three webinars.

    The other webinars in this series are:

    • May 20th: ”Where are Automated Transit Networks now?”
    • June 17th: “Where is autonomous transit going next?”