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    ATRA Award For Outstanding Contributions To Advanced Transit

    May 10th, 2016



    ATRA Award For Outstanding Contributions To Advanced Transit



    At the ASCE Automated People Mover and Automated Transit System Conference in Toronto on April 20, 2016, Dr. Ingmar Andreasson, ATRA VP, presented the above award to Dr. Jerry B. Schneider for creating the world’s leading source of information on innovative transit technologies, thereby attracting interest in transit solutions for livable cities and a better world.




    His website “Innovative Transportation Technologies” describes all kinds of PRT/GRT/ATN/DualMode systems together with relevant papers, reports and presentations. It attracts more than 16,000 visits each day, has three times been ranked among the top 50 of all websites, and now contains over 650 megabytes in over 2 700 files.






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