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When considering advanced transit systems it should be clear what capabilities have been proven today and what potential a system has towards the (long term) future. ATRA represents both: providing a platform for all who share its vision towards the future, while uniting corporate members with proven experience and applications in the industry.

Membership includes individual membership for up to 5 employees.

Current corporate members of ATRA
Tubenet Transit Tubenet Transit is designed and developed by the Tubenet Transit Institute led by Dr Nanzheng Yung. The team aims to develop an advanced transportation system to solve worldwide traffic difficulties especially for megacities with high pollution density and achieve highly efficient, fast, comfortable and green travel.
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2getthere 2getthere’s mission is to develop, market, implement and (if required) operate, sustainable Automated People Mover Systems. 2getthere has extensive experience in the field of realizing PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) and GRT (Group Rapid Transit) systems. With two operational systems (Masdar and Rivium), 2getthere has an extensive track record gathering knowledge and realizing improvements over the 14-year span of operations of these applications. 2GetThere logo atra
4Dialog Sustainable, urban and transportation development using 4D internet gaming technology. Our passion is the belief that only a shared picture of what the future may look like can create a sustainable society. Our 4D models are used to facilitate efficient conversations between parties – everyone can see, experience, and influence the content of the imagined future. For us, a project is so much more than a temporary event in a city – it is the foundation to transform a whole society over time via a model that can be reused and refined as more local partners join. In other words, we are not only working to create longterm sustainable development of society – our own model is treated along the same principles – but also to create longterm values that are emphasized as the model develops.
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Airfront. 21 Airfront.21 is your Internet resource on APMs, so common at airports and airfronts – but relevant to all urban mobility. Airports are fast becoming mini-cities unto themselves. We offer professional planners around the world up-to-date information relevant to airports, local circulation systems including APMs, airfront development statistics and trends, and much more. airfront.21 logo atra
Berger/ABAM Today, BergerABAM stands for the very best in professional project management, engineering, and construction management and support services worldwide. BergerABAM’s six decades of success in engineering are highlighted by the many landmark projects that reflect its history of providing innovative solutions in a variety of engineering fields. BergerABAM’s services feature the application of state-of-the-art rail and guided transit systems in both new and rehabilitated programs. berger abam logo atra
PRT Consulting PRT Consulting is the only U.S. firm of professional engineers and planners specializing in providing consulting services relevant to personal rapid transit (PRT). We are vendor-independent. We are dedicated to improving transportation through innovative engineering. We believe that incremental improvements are no longer sufficient to overcome the rapidly growing problems of congestion, pollution and security facing both surface and air transportation systems. prt consulting logo atra
ULTra PRT ULTra (Urban Light Transport) is an innovative form of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT). The ULTra system consists of small, lightweight, computer-driven electric vehicles running on slender, special-purpose guideways. ULTra PRT (originally Advanced Transport Systems Ltd) began developing the system in 1995, in association with the University of Bristol. ultra global prt logo atra
Podaris The future of sustainable urban transport is here. Automated Transit Networks will change the way we live, play, and work. They will transform how we design cities.Podaris is collaborative design software that will enable developers, planners, architects, and engineers to make the most of this revolutionary new  podaris logo atra
 Arup We are an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. Through our work, we make a positive difference in the world. We shape a better world. Arup has over fifteen years of direct PRT planning, design development and delivery experience, including the infrastructure design and design integration management of Heathrow pod, and the technical and economic feasibility study for San José, CA.  Arup logo atra
 ModuTram MODUTRAM develops, integrates and markets automated transport systems offering innovative, effective and sustainable mobility. Based in Guadalajara, Mexico’s Silicon Valley, MODUTRAM focuses on congested cities in emerging market economies. MODUTRAM’s Autotrén system is a modular and affordable solution based on GRT that complements other mass transit systems, specifically where ground-level Bus Rapid Transit does not fit or where conventional rail is not economically viable.
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 Lea+Elliott Lea+Elliott is a transportation consulting firm offering a broad range of services for clients worldwide. Our principal activities involve transportation system planning, procurement, project structuring strategies, and implementation oversight leading to the start of passenger service. We are experienced in all modes of transit, including automated and conventional rapid transit, automated guideway transit (or automated people mover (APM)), personal rapid transit and emerging technologies. Lea Elliott