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    Polish PRT System Announced

    October 4th, 2013

    Warsaw University of Technology displayed its new PRT technology at the recent Eco – Mobility conference in Rzeszów. The three year development was within 1 million €, mostly funded by the EU.

    The development of hardware, control system and simulation software was lead by Prof. Choromanski of Warsaw University.

    The innovative linear motor powered system (LIM propulsion on-board the vehicles with reaction plate in the guideway) is focused on providing accessible transportation and is part of an initiative which also includes electric cars. A mock up of the PRT vehicle and a section of the ¼ scale test track were displayed to delegates.

    The system includes several innovations including power collection using contactless induction rails, air suspension and wheelchair restraints.

    The next step is to obtain European funding for a full-scale pilot scheme at the Rzesów University of Technology campus (10,000 students). Connecting the 5 main buildings together. Initial design is scheduled to commence in 2014.

    Professor Choromanski will present the Eco PRT development at the upcoming Podcar City Conference outside Washington DC this October 23-26.